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Can you believe ads for Royal Enfields?

Is it really what the ad says it is?
Buyer beware: Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in the United States are listed as honestly as possible on this blog. I have no connection to any of the sellers, and can not vouch for them.

But if you click through to enough of the ads you'll soon develop a sense of which claims are reasonable, and which are not.

For instance, a Royal Enfield Bullet that is described as "one of the last English produced Enfields," raises suspicions when it carries a seat typical of Royal Enfields made in India.

The ad claims that this motorcycle has had "no restoration of any kind but it looks near new."

But one of the reasons it looks near new is that the paint appears fresh, shiny, and possibly not a factory color. No restoration of any kind?

Suspicions might increase further when that same "1968" Royal Enfield is described as having only "300 original miles!"

What has it been doing for the last 46 years? The ad helpfully explains: "This bike was in a climate controlled museum since new."

Why would a museum — any museum in the world — have added a then brand new motorcycle to its collection? Sure, it's possible, but is it likely? New speedometers with zero-mile odometer settings are easily fitted, a much more likely possibility.

Perhaps this seller is truthfully relating what he was told when he himself purchased the motorcycle. Perhaps he doesn't himself realize that the story seems unlikely.

His asking price ($6,500) is on the high side. His claims and high asking price place a real burden of proof on this seller.


  1. Oh, look! A 1959 bullet w TLS brake up front, full-width rear brake, a casquette, indicators (which were never on actual military bikes, not to mention the Enfield gold tank pinstripes...), and too much else to list.

    And BRITISH, too!

  2. Yes, and the so-called 1959 "British Royal Air Force" Bullet you point to has an asking price of $7,000. The more exaggerated the claims the higher the asking price, it seems.

  3. Nothing will beat this guy:,13057.0.html

    He had it up for $30k on Craigslist!!!

  4. Yes, that was one for the books.


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